Meet the Legendary Ninja from the Time Vs Ninja Sci-Fi Adventure Game
Mochizuki Chiyome (望月 千代女), also known as Mochizuki Chiyojo (望月 千代女) or Mochizuki Chiyo (望月 千代),[1] was a Japanese poet and noblewoman of the 16th century. She created an all-female group of ninja agents (Kunoichi) in service of the Takeda clan.

In Time Vs Ninja, Mochizuki Chiyome can activate a squad of Kunoichi agents, who have infilitrated all Time Spaces currently in play, to attack ALL enemy ninja at the same time.

Chiyome, who came from a long line of Kōga ninja, was requested by daimyō Takeda Shingen, to recruit women and create an underground network of kunoichi (female ninja) and employ them against rival warlords.

The plan was to have fully trained female operatives who could act as spies and agents to gather information and deliver coded messages to allies.

Chiyome set up her operation in the village of Nezu (祢津村) in the Shinshū region (the present-day city of Tōmi, Nagano), and began her search for potential candidates for training.

The women were taught all the skills of a miko (Shinto shrine maiden or a wandering priestess), which allowed them to travel virtually anywhere without suspicion, receiving religious education to complete their disguise.

Over time, Chiyome's kunoichi learned to effectively use more disguises such as actresses, prostitutes or geisha, which allowed them to move freely within villages, towns, castles and temples, and get access to their targets. Eventually, Chiyome and her kunoichi had set up an extensive network of some 200–300 agents that served the Takeda clan and Shingen was always informed of all activities, putting him one step ahead of his opponents at all times until his mysterious death in 1573, after which Chiyome disappeared from historical records